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  • Rock Drilling Device

    Rock Drilling Device

    Drilling Rig Soil Drill Pneumatic Hammer Drill Machine 1.Feed by hydraulic cylinder, the drilling efficiency is higher and it can save labor. 2.The machine is equipped with our national patent technology---taper clutch, with characteristics of strong torque transmission,easy operation and free maintenance. 3.Vertical spindle are fixed by four groups of bearings to ensure that 4.The rota-tor has enough rigid for gravel layer and other complex geological conditions.

  • Stabilizer For Excavator

    Stabilizer For Excavator

    JG Stabilizer For Excavator, Excavator outriggers allow the excavator to work in a complex working environment, keeping the body more stable and safe, turning the head more easily, and improving work efficiency.

  • Dozer Blade For Excavator

    Dozer Blade For Excavator

    JG excavator dozer blade OEM/ODM dozer blade for excavator or tractor Heavy duty built, use thicker steel We can Offer OEM/ODM We only use proper steel of 350/450/550/690 grade steel and NM400/Bisplate 450/Hardox 500

  • Magnet Plate For Excavator

    Magnet Plate For Excavator

    No.1: It adopts a special magnetic circuit design which has large air space and magnetism density. It is made of aluminum wire and the coil protection plate is made of the rolled high Mn steel plate that has good performance of wear-resistance and heat-proof. It also has the characteristics of light weight, low power consumption, high lifting capacity and long serving life. No.2: This series has fine insulation structure. The insulation treatments adopt the vacuum drying & glue filling, which has improved the electrical and mechanical performance of the coils.The insulation grade can reach class special C. No.3: It generally adopts the control mode of constant voltage. It can further improve the lifting capacity if changing to adopt the control mode of over excitation. No.4: With simple structure reliability, it is suitable for working with all kinds of lifting equipments.

  • Earth Auger For Excavator

    Earth Auger For Excavator

    JG Excavator auger attachment / optional working device Or ground drill, garden auger, ice auger, earth drill, post hole drill and so on. Material: Steel Surface: Painting, color as order. Colour: Black or red(as request) We also can design and make it as customer's requirement.

  • Hydraulic Breaker For Excavator

    Hydraulic Breaker For Excavator

    1.Low rate of chisel breakage 2.High working efficiency 3.Few components, less breakdown 4.Certificated by ISO9001,SGS,etc Korea Doosan SERIES hydraulic breakers are widely applied to rock broken, mining, road, building engineering, dismantling engineering and special engineering (underwater project, tunnel project), etc. Our major products are side type, top type and silenced type breaker.

  • Grapple For Excavator

    Grapple For Excavator

    High Quality Catch Stone Grasping Wood Log Grapple Suitable For Excavator We can design and produce catch stone for various brands of excavators according to custormers’ requipment.the catch stone can be used on the excavators to catch stone easily and quickly,which has enlarged the use scope of the excavators and Improved efficiency .

  • Bucket For Excavator

    Bucket For Excavator

    Standard bucket: specially used for digging soil Application: Apply to light poeration task, such as digging and loading hard soil or stones mixed with the soft soil. Product characteristics: Large bucket apacity, large stowing surface, so its has high coefficient of fullnes, Made of top quality structural and high strength steel, the adaptors are the demestic top quality products. so it can save work time and improve work efficiency. Heavy duty bucket: strong and durable Application: Its suitable for digging hard soil, soil mixed with soft stone, loading gravel, broken stone and so on Product characteristics: On the basis of standard bucket, we use high-strength wearable steel for high-stress and wearing parts. Adaptor is the domestic famous product. Inherit all advantages of standard bucket, it greatly improve strenth and wearability. Rock bucket:specially used for the mine, higher strength and longer service life Application: Digging earth with hard rock, sub-hard stone and weathered stone, it also can do heavy work, such as digging and loading solid rock, blasted ore. Product characteristics: The bottom of the excavator bucket is in double-arc design to increase clearance space at the heel and reducing abrasion. A gap adjustable sleeve device is used a t the connection with the bucket bracket. Made of domestic super high strength wearable steel, extending the duration by several times. The teeth and the adaptor are the domestic-famous product. They maximize products’ reliability, excavation performance and economical efficiency. Greatly reduce the time and cost of maintenance, greatly improve the work efficiency and shorten the work time. Quick Change Bucket:Apply to the construction site which should be worked flexible.

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